• Save Money. Live Green.

    Save money on your utility bills while lowering your carbon footprint. Our team has prepared residential and commercial clients to save millions of dollars while cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Our Environmental Impact Report

    Our work has prevented the same amount of CO2 from going into the atmosphere as:


    Gallons of gasoline burned


    lbs of coal burned


    Miles driven by passenger cars

  • What We Do

    We're the Expedia or Travelocity for energy savings solutions.

    During your home energy assessment, one of our specialists will talk to you about your home and your electricity usage before diving into your historical utility data to find the key drivers of your high bill. Once they determine the main culprits, they will attempt to make actionable recommendations for you to help you lower your bill.


    Take control of ever-increasing rates and your energy future. Schedule your free energy assessment today.

  • How it Works

    Going green and saving money are no longer mutually exclusive. Sapling Energy can help you reduce your energy bill by helping you determine if you can lower your rate or your usage.


    Our team has prepared residential and commercial clients to save millions of dollars on their utility bills.

    Don't wait. Find out how much you can save today!

  • Already Have Solar?

    No problem. Our Program Specialists are trained on reducing year end and True-Up bills!


    If your year end or True-Up bill is over $350 per year (or ~$30 per month), schedule your free energy assessment today to see how much more you can save. Something may not be right, and we can get to the bottom of it!

  • "[Colin] not only explained to me how to save money on my bill but also ran the extra mile to dig into my solar energy contract. With his help, I noticed how much of a terrible contract I signed with my lender and this will help me to save thousands of dollars."

    -Erinc E, San Rafael, CA

    "We are thrilled to be part of the renewable energy revolution. And working with Sapling was a completely pleasurable experience. We are thrilled to have found Sapling."

    -Monique C, Berkeley, CA

    "We needed to replace our home's roof and decided to upgrade our roof-top solar electric system at the same time; and add a Tesla Powerwall too. We contacted 5 solar companies and Sapling Energy was absolutely the most responsive, the most flexible, and the most creative."

    -John T, Cupertino, CA

    "I got information about my solar panels to confirm my investment. [They] provided an important option which I had overlooked to save an additional 10% on my PG&E bill. A very good experience.."

    -Louis D, San Jose, CA

    "I definitely recommend scheduling an appointment for anyone that is a bit confused on how solar works, PG&E billing/rates or are interested in getting solar installed."

    -Steven R, East Palo Alto, CA

    I had my free appointment with this company to assess my PG&E True Up billing. I have 50 panels and two Tesla batteries with my True UP costs ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 a year. Up to this point, I had completely given up on understanding the PG&E NEM True Up billing process. It appeared to be beyond my understanding even though I own an Accounting Services company and bill over 20,000 clients monthly for a living...Colin clearly explained the options for the various ways to reduce the PG&E True Up costs. Overall, I received crystal clear information that was extremely beneficial. If you have a Solar system with a high cost annual True UP, and are totally confused by the associated PG&E billing, I strongly recommend that you make an appointment with this company."

    -Gary S, Walnut Creek, CA

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