• Lighting

    Save and Go Green With Simple Upgrades

  • Overview

    Old fashioned incandescent light bulbs are more expensive to operate and worse for the environment, as their average lifetime is only 4% that of the average LED bulb. That means more mining, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and waste in our landfills. The table below shows how much more efficient LED bulbs are than other commonly-used lights.

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    How Can I Save Money:

    Switch to LED bulbs to save the most money. An LED bulb will use 83% less electricity on average and will cost 68% less over a ten year period when including the price of the bulbs.

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    *Source: NRDC. https://www.nrdc.org/sites/default/files/lightbulbguide.pdf

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    Sample Savings Calculation: Buying ten 10W LED lightbulbs instead of ten 60W incandescent lightbulbs will save an average of $621 over a ten year period